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General Notes

Each of the Apps featured in this project is available as a separate download. Generally, these Apps use the Internal principal for authentication and are not constructed for deployment to O365. However, you can easily rework them for O365 deployment if you like.

In order to get an App working, you have two options:
  1. Open the source code in Visual Studio and deploy
  2. Upload the App file to a Corporate Catalog

Available Apps

BCS Dashboard (

This app uses multiple app-level ECTs to create a dashboard based on the publically-available Northwind RESTful data source.

Employee Directory (

This app uses SharePoint 2013 search to create an A-Z employee directory sorted by last name. Acts as a simple phone book for users who like to browse entries using A-Z tabs.
Note: This sample requires that you update the LastName managed property in search to be sortable

MusicBrainz (

This app performs lookups of songs against the publically-available MusicBrainz source.

Contacts Sample (

The Contacts sample performs full CRUD operations against a Contacts list in an App. Great sample for understanding how to structure REST-based Apps.

Welcome Web Part (

This app is a client web part that welcomes the current user by reading their profile information.

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