SharePoint 2013 App Deployement

Jan 27, 2013 at 3:55 PM
Edited Jan 27, 2013 at 4:08 PM

I've been staggering through a book "Planet of the Apps - SharePoint 2013" because a there are lot of assumptions about stuff being where it's supposed to be. At the point of App Deployment it says: "Press F5, Visual Studio will now build and install your app.  when the browser launches you will see the app running as shown below."  (Like Magic?)

If only life were that simple.

Visual Studio makes the required changes to the development machine hosts file as follows: app-2f6fe10c61e42a.sharepoint2013apps # 9a5de9fd-92f2-4489-9f5c-b96ed673b3aa;http://sharepoint2013/
::1 app-2f6fe10c61e42a.sharepoint2013apps # 9a5de9fd-92f2-4489-9f5c-b96ed673b3aa;http://sharepoint2013/

... which refers the app location to local host. If I enter in my browser window, the browser will pick up my credentials and pull in the local host home page.  If I enter the app location "app-2f6fe10c61e42a.sharepoint2013apps" it tries to authenticate, but it won't accept the local administrator account or the domain administrator account to run the app.  I'm missing a trick here and I've a feeling I'm not alone.

In there are references to the User Profile Service. I thought this had something to do with it.  But although in Windows Services there is a service called User Profile Service running, in "Central Administration / Service Application / Manage Service Applications" there is no User Profile Service option under "Service Applications / New" or other reference anywhere else on the page. I though that this was because this is Foundation. With this being a development environment, I wouldn't have thought that should be the issue, but why would they be describing user Profile Service in a page specifically about app design?